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This present website– —  is new, replacing an older blog I ran for several years.  That older site still holds many blog posts that you may find of interest. I will be moving much of that material across to this site, but in the meantime you can check it the blog posts and other info at


Among the topics you’ll see there are these and many others:

  • Just what IS a “buying signal”?  Multiple posts.

  • Sales tip: tap the power of silence

  • “Elevator pitch” — multiple posts

  • Ways of building the prospect’s awareness of need

  • Consultative selling skills. Multiple

  • Overcoming objections. Multiple

  • Cold-call selling: checklist of tips

  • Key sales hot buttons for capturing the prospect’s attention at the start—start of the initial phone contact, and of the first meeting./ Multiple

  • Five steps in responding to sales objections and questions

  • Reading and sending via non-verbal communications. Multiple

  • Sending/delivering sales proposals: key tips

For info on my other books, including those in the Career Savvy People Skills Series, and  thrillers and scientific  technothrillers, I invite you to check out